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Save Time with This Checklist When Creating Your Stall Design Brief

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To have a persuasive exhibition stall that is an extension of your brand requires your creative team to create a thorough design brief. Design briefs are essential roadmaps that keep everyone on the same page about the marketing goal of the exhibition stall. Based on these goals, the exhibition stall designer will formulate the look of the stall. The more detailed a design brief is the better will be the final result.

Simply, giving the stall designer some instructions and ideas verbally is going to be the biggest time waster for you down the line, and the designer you’ve hired.  From a designer’s perspective they have to turn your exhibit design idea into a stall that is practical and functional, while achieving your marketing objectives.

Having a detailed and written design brief which has as much information that they need not only provides clarity to designers but protect you from wasting time and money on a stall design that leaves you disappointed. So let’s look at what makes for a good design brief.

What makes a good design brief?

Here a set of questions you should clarify about your own company and marketing goals prior to hiring any designer for exhibition stall fabrication, don’t worry about how to begin, a quick meeting with your marketing team or co-workers  should clear this out:

Company Goal and Brand Mission

  • What phase is your branding strategy?
  • What is corporate message?

About The Exhibition Stall

Your stall should be an extension of your branding or advertising strategy. It’s advisable to look up existing exhibition stall designs that other businesses are using at the show you plan to attend. This not only serves as inspiration for your team but also these examples can be collated and given to the company you’ve hired for reference.

  • What do you want your exhibition stall to achieve?
  • How will you measure the success of your show?
  • What are you exhibiting products or services?
  • Are you re-branding, promoting a new launch, or is it part of a bigger marketing strategy?
  • Are you buying an exhibition stand for a one-time use? Or multiple users?
  • How much are you willing to invest?
  • What will be size of your stall?
  • Does your competition have exhibition stalls? How are their stall designs?
  • Which industry are you targeting?
  • Are you going to resize existing graphics or create brand new ones for the stall?

Target Group

  • Who is your target visitor?
  • How does your product or service appeal to your target group?
  • Are you planning on ‘giveaways’ for them?
  • How will your stall attract them?
  • How will you build awareness about your stall?

Don’t forget to account for any technical requirements that you would require for your exhibition booth such as storage space, storage shelves, display shelves, screens for AV displays and anything else.

Once you’re satisfied with your design brief share it once more with the relevant shareholders to get their inputs on the same.

And now you’re ready to move to the next stage and shortlist stall designers you plan to work with. With the assurance that both you and the company you choose will be on the same page.

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Three Ways to Attract Visitors at Your Exhibition

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Exhibition stalls are a great way to reach new customers and let more people within your industry know what you’ve to offer. Your top goal would clearly be to sign up new leads and gain clients. But to boost your chances of success at getting more leads, you need to ensure that visitors have a reason to visit your exhibition stall. In this article, we’ll go through some solid techniques to get people flocking towards your stall.

Good Presentation makes a Great Impression

When you gave your project report to the teacher in college, you knew that presentation of your report helped. The same goes for your exhibition stand design. Your stall designing should be on point and capture the attention of your visitors. Try to imagine yourself in the shoes of your visitors; you’ll see that they are surrounded by stalls in any exhibition. As they walk they’ll be scanning for stalls that pop out to them. Usually these are the ones that look unique, trendy, and are adorned with attractive graphics and the latest equipment. Chances are high that these stalls will get visited before the others.

Most people due to their nature are inclined to visit the best looking exhibition stalls first over any of the bland looking ones. So how do you ensure that your stall looks impressive and unique? You hire exhibition stall designers who specialize in creating captivating stall designs.

Let’s say for example that you want to build a new showcase. You want it to be beautiful and attention grabbing. But do you have the expertise to build a showcase? Do you have the time? So what do you do? You hire a carpenter to build it for you, because they have know-how. Building stalls is also a craft that designers have specialized in and improved over the years.

Your Team should Look Impeccable

Taking forward our point on presentation, having your sales force dress in a manner that reflects your company values is a great way to stand out. It’s is well documented fact that men and women who dress well make a better impression than those who do not.

If your sales force is well-dressed, especially in company colors they would draw more attention to your stall. Please note that this does not mean wearing expensive suits or pretty dresses, but rather a well-put uniform that captures the attention of people.

Don’t make the mistake of dressing up your sales members in silly costumes for the sake of drawing attention to your cool and hip stall , not only will they feel very uncomfortable it will hinder their chances of being taken seriously by visitors. Even visitors would feel uncomfortable to approach visitors dressed in a weird costumes.

Have takeaways on Display

A superb way to draw people to your stall is have free takeaways on display.  These work indirectly as marketing collateral for your company, and is assured way to get visitors to come to your stall with curiosity for free takeaways. You could also ask them to provide a business card or fill a quick form for a freebie.

These takeaways or freebies can be a variety of practical items. Product samples, stationary goods, consumable goods such as biscuits or any other snack, a carry bag or a free cup. These are great ways to engage new customers.

So here are three tips for you to use for capturing the attention of your visitors.

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