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How to have better lead management?

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An exhibition visitor is not a mere spectator of your stall design. He or she can be your prospective client and eventually turn out to be a qualified lead. But at times you can miss out on your exhibition stall visitor just due to the unpleasing attitude of a booth staff. So, in order to convert your prospective visitor into a successful lead you need to effective consider lead management. Most of the times, exhibitors forget to overlook the possibilities that is encompassed in lead follow ups too. There is a lot more that goes into changing a lead into business.


Let us see some essential points of successful lead management systems that are necessary to have a strong client base after the show ends.

Have handful of information prior to the show
It is a mandatory requirement that as an exhibitor you indulge in pre-show promotional activities for a number of reasons. Firstly, your target audience needs to know that you as a ‘brand’ exist in the market. Secondly, these customers should be aware of your products and services. On the other hand, you too should know about your TG; where do their interests lie. Conduct questionnaires and ask your TG to fill in the sample survey to collect information about the prospective clients. This information can also help you during the email campaigns and promotional activities.

Dedicated professional for lead allocation
Lead allocation is an extremely important phase of your lead management story. Instead of moving from every pole to pillar, you need to figure out the right managers who can handle the leads. This step is important as managing the tracking and ROI calculation forms a vital element of the entire process of lead management. Hence it is crucial that you assign this task to a dedicated and committed professional who looks after the complete lead allocation process. This will ensure an organised lead management. Do not let go off the exhibition stand visitor who can be a great sale. You have spent a lot of time and money into fixing on your stall design for exhibition and missing out on a single lead can also hamper the overall business. We surely do not want to do this.

Engage in quick follow up
One of the most essential things in your post show management is to follow up with your leads. If you waste a lot of time in following up them there is a large chance that your prospective lead might connect with a competitor. As much as time you spend with your exhibition stall designer for fixing on the stall design, it is equally vital to spend time on following up with the leads.

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Outdoor Advertising – How it helps small firms create big impact?

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Have you ever noticed the amount of outdoor advertising on billboards, at railway stations, in taxis and cabs? Most of the times, small businesses and firms prefer outdoor advertising as compared to participating in an exhibition or so. Getting the right exhibition stall from one of the leading exhibition stall designers and builders might cost a fortune. On the other hand, outdoor advertising with respect to keeping details on your brand’s offerings, products and services is a good option for creating larger impact.


For a small firm or business, the initial invested capital is smaller. Whether you are a company in a small city or metro, you will find innumerable opportunities to showcase your brand. These opportunities range from outdoor advertising spaces to BTL activities spaces for brand promotional activities. If you are a small business firm and looking to capture your target audience then there is nothing better than outdoor advertising. From spaces that varies from poster advertising to bus station billboard advertising, your brand can tap the right target audeince. Convert your prospective client into qualified sales lead through alluring and compelling outdoor advertising.

For instance, poster advertising is a cost-effective and quite effectual means of communicating the brand’s key message. You can go for poster advertising and advertise the same to attract the local clientele. Unlike an exhibition stand that captures the visitors only, outdoor advertising offers the chance to spread your business to a larger audience base. Whether you are capturing local people or niche audience, outdoor advertising is the perfect medium to do so.

Most of the small firms do not opt for outdoor advertising because they feel it will be a costly bet. But on the other hand, if planned strategically, you can get the best results out of outdoor advertising that too on a budget. So, if you are planning to advertise your brand through an effective medium then get going with outdoor advertising and let your brand reach the larger target audience. Having a small start-up capital will not affect your brand presence as long as you smartly package your marketing activities.

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