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How to choose Best exhibition stall design company?

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Once you decide to exhibit and go for an exhibition stall design company, you will get a range of companies who have worked with a lot of brands. There are many stall design companies who have experience in fabricating custom exhibition stalls and portable modular exhibition solutions. Depending on your exhibition needs and requirements, choose an exhibition stall design company accordingly.

When you are ready to exhibit, do not forget to keep the following points in mind before choosing your exhibition stall design company. Make a wise choice because your stall design company will decide how your exhibition show will go!

Get these tips handy and choose best Exhibition stall design company

How to Choose Stall Design Company

Experienced exhibition stall designers

It is imperative that your exhibition stall design company has a team of professional and experienced exhibition stand designers. In order to fulfill the specific brand requirements, the exhibition stall designers help in converting the unique brand ideas into real life examples.

Customized exhibition stall designs

If you are looking for customized exhibition stall designs then make sure that your chosen exhibition stand design company is experienced in the same. Look for the best exhibition stall design company who are well-equipped with all the facilities. Do ensure that they have everything that is essential for customized exhibition stands like the best team of stall designers, printing facilities and more.

Installation and dismantling facility

Always look for a company who has an in-house and experienced team of installation and dismantling. This will ensure that you yourself are not responsible for the install and dismantle of the exhibition stalls. While the team of installation and dismantling takes care of the setup of your stall, you can take care of other important dos’ of the show.

Wide base of clients

If you are a first time exhibitor or veteran, you do not want to mess your exhibition show. Hence choose a stall design company who has worked before and has a good experience. Ask your stall design company to show their portfolio and also look into the client testimonials in their website to get a first-hand look at the clients and the experience they have worked with.

In-house manufacturing facilities

Timely deliveries of the exhibition stand materials and accessories are one of the most important criteria of choosing an apt stall design company. This is possible only when your stall design company has in-house manufacturing facilities. If at all the company you have selected outsources the manufacturing work like printing, fabrication and so on then it becomes a tedious task of coordinating with the outsourced agency. Also these agencies might not deliver the exhibition materials on time, leading to complicated and last minute stress.

Wide presence

Before choosing your exhibition booth design company do a thorough research as to whether the company has a far reaching presence or not. It is essential that your company has a wide presence in order to avoid any timely deliveries or related issues. The presence will only ensure that you can easily coordinate with the people of the stall design company easily and your stall materials can reach you at the earliest, ensuring a hassle-free show experience.

If at all your company does not have a good presence and multiple offices then they will try to contact you through the head office which may or may not be at your disposal when you need them.

So, make sure to contact an exhibition stall design company who has a good presence across the country.

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5 Exhibition trends you should know about in 2017

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5 Exhibition trends you should know about in 2017

The New Year is on and the exhibition world is too on a roll. While the exhibitors are getting ready to showcase their brands, products and services through alluring exhibition stands, there is something that needs to be looked upon as well. Just imagine, you have a show to participate in the New Year and you want to display yourself as one of the biggest highlights of the show then you must know about the few trending things that ought to be implemented in your stand.

Ranging from LED lightings to integrating social media into your exhibition stall, you should be aware of these trends and also incorporate the same into your exhibition stand design. It is important for you to partner with a leading exhibition stand designers who are well versed with the latest trends of 2017 and also offer you exceptional show services with unique ideas.

Let us now get familiar with 5 best exhibition trends that you should know about in 2017. Read on to know these and also implement the same into your exhibition stand.

 Exhibition trends you should know about in 2017

1. Social media integration into your exhibition stand idea

Web-based social networking is nothing new nowadays, however a decent exhibition stand partner can help you to stay away from the misconceptions that such a large number of organizations are as yet making, with regards to benefitting as much as possible from online networking some time recently. Unfortunately, online networking is still radically underused and is, extremely every now and again, horribly blundered. However it can be tremendously useful, with regards to drawing in thoughtfulness regarding your stand, and to your business all in all. Social media platforms use things like live telecast and videos, geo-filters or stories to supplement or improve your exhibition stands. So next time when you have a show to participate in, do not forget to integrate social media and use it well to promote your stand, brand and products.
2. Avoiding the bandwagon

Gone are the days when the exhibition booths of few brands were already filled with a large number of visitors. As now a day’s everyone is striving its best to perform well and showcase their brands in a better way. So, the next trends of the year are to be different from the crowd and get highlighted with innovative ideas. Original technology, for example, can be great at grabbing maximum visitor’s attention but, as in the case of the recent Pokémon GO craze, over-use of the technology can become a fail. So use your next technology smartly and under certain limits. Use trends like live Q&A sessions or games for more engagements in your exhibition stall.

3. Target-driven shows

Do not overboard when it comes to budgeting. So make use of your exhibition stall ideas this year with effective use of budget. Plan beforehand and avoid any hasty decisions that will give you a fair idea about your entire budget plans.

4. Data integration

One thing that will be vastly used in the exhibition shows in 2017 is marketing automation and data integration. This type of technology can be crucial in grabbing more visitors to your exhibition booth and boost higher interactions.

5. Virtual reality

Augmented reality is another trending aspect of exhibition shows in 2017. Make a bigger impact with your target audience through offering them 3D experiences. Previously these technologies were only available for few larger brands but now a days this is possible through best exhibition stall partners who will offer you best ideas for you exhibition stands with virtual reality.

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