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A check on exhibition display waste: Here’s how to go eco-friendly with your exhibit

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The growing commercialization has given a steady rise to the waste that the advertising and marketing industries contribute to. We know that the marketing collaterals and exhibition display stands use a large number of papers, which invariably creates wastage. From glossy brochures to attractive handout, everything is made of papers that are not always recycled. Also, the printing processes for this entire method include harmful chemicals that damage the environment. Apart from the notion of cutting tress and mass deforestation for commercial use, manufacturing process also carries a huge carbon footprint. The developing nations, precisely the First World Countries has profoundly contributed to 200,000 tons of carbon per year on the production of exhibition stands alone. So, you can imagine the amount of display waste that follows.


Let’s shift to the other side of the tangent! However, it is true that every brand or company that is participating in an exhibition wants to be seen and emerge in the crowd. So, not having an eye-catching and glamorous exhibition display is not the requirement here. Exhibitors use marketing handouts as calling cards, while these handouts not only manage to attract attention but they also speak volumes about the exhibitor’s brand.

Today, when we are changing our concern areas to environment-friendly awareness, we have to maintain a balance between exhibition stand design and eco-sustainability.

Here we are talking about 3 amazing ways of maximizing the visual impact of your exhibition stand while minimizing impact on environment.

1. Use recycled paper
It is interesting to know that not all papers are made from trees. One such source is the recycled paper. You can find many printers that offer the option of using newsprint scraps, which can be recycled into white paper. These scraps are sold at a cheap price by the ton and require considerably less water, energy and chemical resources for being reused. So let your exhibition stand use recycled paper instead of the conventional one and you can customarily contribute to the environment.

2. Choose vegetable-based ink
The traditional oil used in the inks contains substances that tend to leak volatile compounds after being disposed. With the technological development, there are printers that use the option of choosing vegetable-based inks. These inks use soy instead of petroleum base and have less environmental impact. The vegetable-based inks are cost-effective and produce better colour output as well.

3. Pick water instead of UV coating
Opting for a UV coating ensures a clear finishing coat and uses ultra violet light to cure the ink. However, most printers make you believe that it is an eco-friendly option, while the real story is different. The ultra violet coating is difficult to recycle than paper waste with laminate-finished coating. So, the next viable and eco-friendly option is to choose water or aqueous coating. Since the primary base is water, the finished paper so produced is more biodegradable. With a varied choice of dull, satin or gloss finish, water or aqueous coating can give wide range of coating to your exhibition stands.

So, while you are participating in an exhibition and choosing the perfect exhibition stand display, think twice before investing your time and money to the alternatives that harm the environment. Choose an eco-friendly option that serves the dual purpose of exhibiting and doing your bit for the environment.

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Having a Tough Time with Customer Engagement? Here are a few ways to meet the needs of the exhibition attendees

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You are all set for your exhibition show and one thing that will turn your show into a success is the number of leads generated. Being an exhibitor, you will make sure to capitalize as much as possible and make a grand show. But what if your attendees’ needs are not taken care of? If this is the case, then there are high chances that the attendee might leave your exhibition stand and you might lose a prospective client.


So, here are 3 vital ways on how to meet your exhibition stand visitor’s needs! Get a hand on these and convert your attendees into leads.

Focus on the exhibition stand design elements
Being an exhibition attendee, the first thing that I will notice is how appealing is the exhibition stand design. A visually appealing exhibition stand catches the attention of the visitor. With added pop of colour and effective use of fonts and graphics ensure to create an impressive exhibition stall design. Make sure to have an exhibition stand design that is in line with the theme or brand logo or colour scheme of the event. This helps to garner maximum visitor’s attention. So, the first step of clutching your visitor inside the exhibition stand is ready to be implemented.

Pre-show engagement
It is essential to know your attendee before the exhibition takes off. You can list down a few questions that might interest you to understand the exhibition visitor in a better way. Know the type of attendee, what attracts or interests them, to name a few. This will help generate the buzz about your exhibition show in particular and the exhibition attendee may feel more relaxed on the exhibition day. Background research assists in setting up a popular and engaging show. Use the social media to create the buzz about your exhibition stand, the theme-based design and let your audience know why you are participating in a particular show. Never overload the attendee with content and information, rather make room for interaction.

Reach out for suitable booth staffing
What’s the recent trend in the exhibition industry? It’s the growing scope of face-to-face interaction. If you have suitable booth staffing then there are high chances of customer engagements. Well-trained exhibition stand staffs are able to resolve visitor’s doubts, provide additional information and product knowledge, and answer the queries raised. So, even if you decide to install iPad kiosks or computerized registration system, it is always good to have a well-trained booth staff to offer the visitor a one-to-one interaction.

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