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A month away from your exhibition day? Here is a checklist to make the process simpler

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Planning your exhibition show can be a tiring, tedious and also a super exciting job at the same time. The entire process demands for a strategic plan and continuous planning for implementing the desired work on time. You as an exhibitor would not want to get tied up with the last-minute rush. So in order to offer you a hassle-free exhibiting experience, we are here to make your show planning simpler and easy to tackle. Right from checking on your ready exhibition stand designs to coordinating with your stall designers and Stall fabricators, you need to get everything on plate beforehand.


Read on to get a quick run through on how to have the last month before your show a stress-free experience with a checklist to keep a track of every exhibition activity you do.

Here’s the plan what you should stick to before a month for your exhibition!
• Your exhibition is just a month away and it is high time that you start assessing your exhibition stall.

• If you have planned on using the same exhibition stall that you have already used in the past shows then decide if you would want to change the look or accessorize it with few additions or no. You can modify the look of your exhibition stall and make it look like a new one altogether. Opting for a modular and portable exhibition stand can help you with the reconfigurable nature that will help you to redesign the entire structure of the stall.

• The thought of a new exhibit is a good plan, although a little late, and so requires a leading exhibition stall designer, builder and fabricator for an impressive exhibition stall design.

• Get your marketing and pre-show mailers in line for an effective chain of marketing campaigns that will get you more prospective clients during the show.

• Another way to have a powerful impression on your visitors is to write a compelling sales message and let your exhibition stand staff go over it. An effective communication rationalizes other features and attributes of exhibiting too.

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Have an exhibition? Here’s what you should plan for before 9 -12 months of the show!

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Planning and implementation has always been a vital player for every show or event. Whether it is the matter for the biggest exhibition of the year or just a minor event or conference, without proper planning everything can look dead and give a bad impression of your brand. So if you are choosing an exhibition stall design or going with a conventional design that represents your brand, do not let this skip to the last few months or days before the show. Rather be sure to pick the right exhibition stand as that is the first thing that your visitors will be looking at.


This is also the time where you get in touch with one of the best exhibition stand designers, builders and fabricators. As an exhibitor, you have your pre-decided budget for the show, so you choose to go with a custom exhibition stand or a more portable solution, these basics elements have to be decided few months prior to the show.

So, here are with a strategic plan that covers the period between 9 to 12 months before the show. Arrange your planning and implementation as per these quick tips and have a hassle-free time during the last-minutes of the exhibition.

9 to 12 Months Prior – Go beyond the conventional planning and set achievable targets for the show
1. The show deadlines for orders and payments can be terrifying. Avoid rapid and rushed decisions by meeting the deadlines of every crucial thing that lines up. This is the right time where you would want to identify your exhibition needs and fix on the orders.

2. Selection of the exhibition stand is very important. The theme, design and how your entire stand will look like are vital as this will represent your brand image during the show. You need to also choose what you want to offer as promotional items, goodies and other giveaways to your visitors.

3. A stand design that effectively communicates the brand’s message is something that every exhibitor is looking for. Select one of the best exhibition stand builders and fabricators to show you some compelling stand designs that you can choose from, which helps you stand apart at the exhibition.

4, As an exhibitor, your event’s promotional aims and objectives play a major role in creating the buzz about your experiential space at the show. Pre-determine these goals and get your exhibition space some additional attention to keep the prospective clients attracted and engaged.

By keeping these bits and pieces in place, you can strategize to put up a grand exhibition show without much stress. Get these handy tips in mind and happy exhibiting!

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