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Eco Friendly Exhibitions – Why and How?

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As we racing towards global warming at an incredible rate, it has become a moral duty of companies to take steps in the right direction to safeguard resources.  This is essential not only for the sake of environment but also to send across a message that your brand and company is not just a commercial conglomerate but also a socially conscious and a genuinely concerned brand.

When your brand is projected as a socially responsible company, it instantly puts your brand is a positive light. Your consumers and even media will look up to your brand with reverence and it will help build your brand image.

Even at exhibitions, going ‘green’ is a trend most major brands are adopting. It helps brands to project themselves as humanitarian and socially conscious. If you are wondering how to go about while planning an eco friendly exhibition, we bring you some helpful tips.

Re-think your every move – Going green is much easier than it seems, there are a lot of options easily available if you are thinking of having a ‘green’ show. From your exhibition stall design and fabrication to your marketing literature, there a various ways to adopt eco friendly methods. During your planning stage, make sure you that your every decision is made after in-depth calculations.

Opt for functional exhibition stand design – When it comes to your exhibition booth design, think long term. Going for a highly eccentric stand design will for sure grab eyeballs, but it is very likely that you will be able to use it again. On the other hand a simple and classy stall design is more functional since you can change the exhibition graphics and use it for several other shows. Even if you are not a frequent exhibitor, using a simpler exhibition stand design can still be very useful. You can use the stand or its elements later for other purposes.

Avoid custom or bespoke stands – A custom or bespoke stand is generally made with wood. Hence the exhibition stands construction process is not eco friendly. Neither are these stands reusable, they are specifically created for an event and then later disposed off. Instead of a custom stand, ask your exhibition stand builder for a modular exhibition stand.

A modular stand is made with sustainable material and meant to be used for several shows. Not only this, modular stands come in compact, travel friendly packaging and do not require heavy vehicles to be transported to and from the venue. Modular exhibition stands also have a high return on investment so indirectly you are saving big bucks.

Go for exhibition stands on hire – If you are a novice exhibitor or do not participate in exhibitions very often why invest in a custom or for that matter even a modular stand? Exhibitions stands are easily available on rent off late. Not only you save the money by going for rentals but it is a more eco safe decision as well because since you eliminate the stand construction process all together.

Used eco friendly raw materials – When it comes to exhibition stall construction, there is a lot of ways and means in which you can adopt eco friendly methods. Instead of using regular paint and adhesives you can use eco friendly paints and adhesive in stand construction. These are non toxic and have no pollutants.

Use LED lighting – An easy method to go eco friendly is to install LED lights in your exhibition stands instead of CLFs and bulbs.

These simple tips will help you put up a show that is eco safe and even help to portray your brand as a socially conscious company.

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Difference between brand activation and exhibitions

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Below the line marketing activities have gained a lot of prominence especially in the last decade or so.  Where above the line marketing mediums such as television, print media and radio have failed to garner the desired results, off beat marketing and below the line marketing activities have succeeded tremendously. A novice might get confused between various below the line marketing mediums, especially exhibitions and brand activation.

Both exhibitions and brand activation, do fall under the umbrella of experiential marketing and ideas, however, there is a huge difference between the two. Exhibitions enable you to showcase your brand and products to the market. It gives you a platform to present and demonstrate your latest invention in the market and thus aid in brand promotion. Whereas, brand activation is the process that aids in forming a strong connection between the brand and its consumers.

Exhibitions gives brands a platform to present and showcase their brand alongside other trusted brands. It is a good opportunity to launch products and even spread awareness about the brand in the market. At exhibitions, you can be assured of maximum exposure to a concentrated set of audience categorically interested in your products. At exhibitions, almost every visitor is a potential client and hence exhibitions are a golden opportunity to increase your client base and even boost sales.

You also get a chance to lure your competitor’s consumers by showcasing alongside them. Not only do you get a chance to pull more consumers at exhibitions but also an opportunity to gauge your competitions. At exhibitions, you are also introduced to the new companies and also get valuable insight on your competitor’s products and marketing strategies.

Brand Activation ideas help to stimulate interaction with consumers to build a strong relationship with them that could result in sales. There are various forms of brand activation such as mall activation, society activation, corporate activation and retail merchandising. Brand activation enables brands to connect with their consumers in their habitat. It a process that helps to add value to the brand image and create a one-one-one relationship with your target group.  When you interact with your audience directly to create a personal connection with them, your consumers directly associate the positive experience with your brand.

Creating an emotional connection with your consumers can yield favorable results especially in the long run. Btl activities can help increase repurchase value. It boosts brand recall value and even increases brand loyalty. A positive image of the brand can help the brand to retain its position in the market and widen its consumer base.

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