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7 Steps you must take before participating in an exhibition

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Seasoned player or a novice, there is no denying the fact that participating in exhibition is a grueling task. It requires a lot of planning and prior preparation to ensure a profitable show.

To help you out we bring you 7 steps you must take that will guarantee a successful show! 

1.  Ask yourself why? – Before venturing into any business commitment like exhibitions, it is essential you understand and list down the things you want to achieve out of it. Exhibitions are a very beneficial platform for most brands but for some product categories it may not be well suited. Understand your product and brand image and then decide on whether or not you should participate. Another important aspect is to understand your goals. Whether it is sales or exposure to audience you are looking for, you need to define your goal and create a marketing strategy accordingly before participating in any exhibition

2. Lock down your budget – The second most important step is to finalize the budget. After determining your goals you can allot a budget accordingly for your exhibition. Allocate a set budget for the total expense and then break it down for factors such as booking of the spot, exhibition stand designers, staff and such other expenses. Once you have a set a budget for everything, it eases the way for the rest of your exhibition and exhibition stand designing and planning.

3.  Tools to measure tangible results – It is necessary that you figure out a way to measure your success at the exhibition you are participating in. If your objective is to boost sales, it will be easier to calculate. If you are looking to increase client base then you can ask clients visiting you at your exhibition stall to fill out forms and questionnaires. When you have ways and means to measure your success at an exhibition to are sure to achieve tangible results.

4.  Analyze the image you want to project – In accordance with your goal you need to decide what your marketing objective is. Your marketing objective will give you the exact idea of the kind of image you should project at the exhibition. Chalking out this factor will aid you in selecting the booth design and the exhibition stall fabricator. This is will become the foundation of all your marketing and promotional activities.

5. Select the right exhibition– There are various exhibitions held across the country for different types of products and companies. Selecting the perfect exhibition to exhibit in is crucial and often it can be a bit overwhelming. Choose an exhibition that helps you to achieve your objective. You may research about exhibitions you want to participate and select ones that provides a favorable opportunity to your brand.

6. Select suitable exhibition stand contractor – At an exhibition your exhibition booth design becomes the face of your brand. Your exhibition stall is a representation of your brand and product as a whole hence you cannot put such an enormous job at the mercy of an unprofessional company. Selecting and hiring the right exhibition stand contractor is very important. Your contractor and designer will bring your vision to life and help you achieve your target at the exhibition, so make sure you only hire reputed and thoroughly professional exhibition stall fabricators.

7. Make certain your customers visit! – Participating in an exhibition ensures that you get access to potential clients but it is also a good opportunity to extent out invites to your client base. Existing consumers, old clients and potential customers can visit you at the exhibition to check out what new you have to offer. Sending out invites not only helps to build a good relationship it also increases footfall. It is always good to have a bustling exhibition stall to attract more people.


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Brand Activation to Promote Your Business

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BTL activities like brand activation are taking the market by storm. Brand activation is a powerful marketing tool that acts as a bridge between the brand and the consumer. It is gaining tremendous popularity off late because of its efficiency. Brand activation helps you connect with your audience on their home turf. It enables one on one communication with your client which gives you valuable insight on your target audience and at the same time it create a powerful impact on your audience, in the process it helps in reinstating your position in the market.

Brand Activation is a full proof way to penetrate the market and increase brand recall value. We have segregated brand activation activities, to help you understand and pick what is best for your business.

Mall Activation–  Shopping malls are bustling hub of potential customers. It is very likely that your target group shows up in good number at shopping malls especially on weekends. To use this opportunity mall promotions come in handy. Insta Worldwide specifically creates mall activation kits that are easy to install and striking enough to pull your audience. If you are planning to install stalls in various malls throughout the state or country, it is suggested to emphasize on uniformity. Make sure all your booths look similar; this not only gives a professional look, but creates a lasting impact on the audience.

Corporate Activation – If your target group belong to the corporate world then corporate activities can be highly beneficial for your brand. Setting up booths in corporate environment is pretty common off late. Many companies permit corporate activation activities in their premises, you only need proper permissions. In corporate activation you get exposure to a concentrated set of audience and since you reach out to them, it becomes easily accessible for your audience to try out your product and services. To check out kits for effective corporate activation click here.

Society Activation – Society activation is a relatively newer concept in activation activities. It may not be as common but it sure is effective. You are reaching not just to the consumer but you are addressing him and his family too. Society promotions give you an added advantage as a brand since you communicate to your audience in their comfort zone. Such activities are perfect for FMCG products, automobiles and other just products that cater to the needs for the homemaker or cater to the family collectively. It is a good means of communication if you want to address the family as a whole.

Retail Visual Merchandizing – RVM is a unique way to promote your product in the comfort of your showroom. Visual merchandising is a powerful marketing tool and you can use it to create an effect especially when your product is either a lifestyle product or a luxurious product. It is a great way to introduce new products to your audience or highlight features of a revamped product. RVM helps you highlight your brand and increases visibility of the product.

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