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Four tips to get your exhibition booth design right!

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Participating in an exhibition is a risk endeavor for any business. If done properly you can make a mark on your industry and gain new, valuable business leads. But if done badly, it not only results in a waste of money and time, but you can also risk putting your brand perception in a negative light.

To help you avoid that, here are four tips for you to maximize the possibility of getting your exhibition stall design to look attractive and appealing for the right audience at the show.

Tips to Get your exhibition booth design right

Incorporate your target audiences’ expectations into your stall designs

Before you look into finalizing stall designs for your show, firstly, identify:

  • Who your target audience is?
  • What are their perceptions?
  • What is their pain point? Price? Quality? Reliability?
  • When they enter your exhibition stall what do you want them to see or do?

A clear understanding of your audience will immensely benefit the design and functionality of your exhibition stall. Communicating this to your exhibition designer is essential because these insights will lead to more effective, creative and attractive stand design.

Consider if the design matches your brand identity

You brand identity is foundation of your exhibition booth design, after all the primary purpose of your exhibition stall is to showcase your brand.  It’s important to share your company values, motto, and brand messages with the exhibition stall designers you’ve hired.  Provide the designers with visual references such as your brochures, white papers and any other marketing materials.

This helps create a design that makes sense to your company and the potential customers whose want or need pertains to your business.

Also, this can prove a good litmus test to weed out any exhibition stall designer that shows no interest in understanding your company. Any designer that has any worthwhile expertise will proactively ask questions about your brand and company.

They’ll probe you on what your company does, what your brand message and company values are. If your selected exhibition stall designer doesn’t seem to ask these questions or if you don’t bother to provide them, then you risk your brand identity coming of as bland and generic.

Define your goals for exhibiting

Not having a clear end goal in mind can result in the design process of your exhibition stall being refined and reiterated till ad nauseam. So a clear focus on your end goals is necessary to stay focused and not lose sight on the primary reason you are booking an exhibition space design in the first place. After all, having S.M.A.R.T goals will help to make the process easier.

Ascertain that all the relevant stakeholders and team members are aware of the objectives and ensure that every decision you take moves you closer to your objectives. Not only does this ensure your project doesn’t exceed your timelines but also it keep your budget from being wasted.

Always consider the limitations of your budget

When it comes to any creative process the likely scenario is that your stand design ideas will outstrip your budget. Conversely, it makes no sense to have such a minuscule budget that all you can afford is a basic exhibition stall. A talk with your designer keeping the above points in mind can guide them to find smarter way to deliver the desired effect within your budget.

But, be practical in your design brief, since your exhibition stall designer cannot weave visual miracles. So be straightforward, and discuss what is possible within your budget and ensure that any design changes are accounted for, ideally before production starts.

In conclusion as a final tip, keep an open line of communication with your stand designer. Stay in loop at every stage of your exhibition project and keep taking with them.

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6 Benefits of Brand Activation

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What is Brand activation?

Brand activation is one of the most effective BTL activities and is all about creating emotional connections with consumers by using experiences and interactions. It has been a great marketing tool, which helps brands to leave a mark on their customers by creating a strong brand recall. This BTL marketing activity acts as a bridge between a brand and the customer. Brand activation not only makes your brand prominent in the market, but also helps in bringing brands to life.

Brand activation helps in emphasizing your brand image in the market. Following are some of the advantages of brand activations.

Brand awareness by launching a new product or promoting the existing one

Every new company knows the significance of representing its brand in a positive way. Brand activation is an interactive platform for various companies that helps in empowering brand image and generate maximum footfalls at your activation space, whether it is launching of a new product or promoting an existing one. For example, an automobile company launching its new car or promoting the existing one.

Strengthens the relationship between the brand and customer

Customers are everywhere, whether it is a corporate activation, mall activation or society activation.  Brand activations not only help you in attracting your target audience, but also help in strengthening the relationship between the brand and customer.

Engages potential customers to your experiential space

When it comes to engaging customers to your experiential space, you must surround it with expert professionals. Brand activations can be indoor as well as outdoor. Suppose if you are doing mall promotion, depending on the industry of a respective brand, you can organize contests or games and have an eye-catching environment. If your activation space is welcoming, it will not only engage many potential customers to your experiential space, but will give you many quality leads.

Helps in getting valuable feedback from audience

If you are doing a brand activation campaign at malls, corporate events, societies or any other BTL activation then it will surely attract and influence many potential customers. Apart from their profile details, you will get a valuable feedback from your customers. You can create short and easy questionnaires that will help you in knowing what your customers think about you, so you can alter your brand needs according to customer.

Generates high brand recall

Setting up a certain theme at your experiential space can be a great brand activation idea. Themes are eye-catching and are easy to remember. If the theme at your activation space is unique, it will not only increase footfall, but will keep your potential customers engaged at your experiential space.

Creates an emotional connection with customers

As a brand, making some kind of emotional connection with your customers is imperative. Brand activation creates many experiences, as a brand it is your first experience, and to make it memorable you should put the right kind of impact on your customers. If you want your potential customers to be long-term clients, you have to open a two-way dialogue about your brand.

Ultimately, compared to other types of experiential marketing activities, brand activation is a brand building activity and should not be measured as sales driven. Of course, every marketer organizing the brand activation activity wants to generate brand revenue, but the main motive of brand activation should be having an emotional connection with your customers by influencing them through your eye-catching creatives.

In order to have a successful brand activation space, you should have a blend of elements like brand insights, brand budget, branding concept, attention-grabbing creatives, sufficient time and promotional support. A lucrative combination of all these things will ensure that you receive high return on your investment.

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