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4 Simple yet Efficient Tips to Make your Exhibition Stall Standout

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Every exhibitor whether a newbie or experienced wants to make a big impression at every exhibition. The first and foremost thing that the visitors notice about your exhibition space is your stall. It is this element that makes you different from others. No matter how big your exhibition space is; no matter if you have a 2 side open or 3 side open exhibition stall, you need to communicate the message of your brand through your exhibition stall.

To have an impressive exhibition stall, you need to clutch few creative ideas and a prominent understanding about how to display your product or business in a unique way. So, here are 4 steps that will help you make your exhibition stall better and garner maximum attention.

Tip 1: Review your past performance!
If you have an experience in exhibiting, then the first step is to review your past performances at various exhibitions. The objective of these reviews is simply to get an overview of what mistakes have you made before and not to repeat the same. In the end, you also have a fair idea as to which exhibits did not garner as much attention as hoped. Analyse your previous performance and see what all can be reused, like the previous stall is a reusable exhibition stall design for further exhibitions too.

Tip 2: Review the past performance of your competitor!
One of the most crucial concerns is to determine what others in your industry are up to. Whether you have exhibited before or not, it is essential that you are aware of your competitor’s do’s and don’ts. You can research on the exhibitors who have won awards for their exhibition stall and design. Few exhibition stall designers have done some commendable work with exhibition stall designs too. Get a list of those exhibition stand designers and exhibitors to have a blueprint of your next exhibition stall. Also, look for some prominent design websites to get ongoing market trends.

Tip 3: Checkout the latest trends in the exhibition industry
Exhibition industry is on a continuous journey of change and transformation. It is also evolving at a rapid pace, giving an exhibitor ample scope of development. Exhibition stalls too are growing at an impressive rate. At about 3 years back, integrating a tablet into your exhibition stand design was unheard of. Similarly, installing an LCD screen into your stall around 5 years back was also a distinct feature. To get an overview of the trends in the exhibition industry, you can check the websites that discuss technological advances in this field. Another excellent way is to visit a showroom where you get to discover what experts in the industry have to say. These insights and inspirations give you a complete platter of creative ideas to work with.

Tip 4: Always keep your exhibition stall relevant to the ongoing market trend
If exhibition budget is not a concern for you, then it is quite easy to get an 3d stall design and exhibition stall that attracts maximum eyeballs. But if the main focus is to get a high return on investments, then carefully weighing the benefits of your exhibition stall is important. The most fruitful way of gaining good leads is to make sure that your exhibition stand in India is in relevance to your business. Every element of your exhibition stall should represent your business and complement your brand message. Use promotional activities that put emphasis on your product or company.

Once you follow these efficiently and well-thought of steps, you will be able to create impressive exhibition stalls with the wow factor that everyone talks about!

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Impressive Graphic design for your exhibition stall

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A graphic is as important as any other element of an exhibition stall. The graphic design along with the core color palettes often make a mark in an exhibition and create a long-lasting impression. Most of the times, the often asked question about the graphic is how to pick the apt one for an exhibition. This requires quite some research along with a fair knowledge about graphic design, accurate fabric, which again is a crucial part and also picking a front lit or backlit graphic. Exhibition stall design and graphics are the first thing an attendee spots and also help you generate leads, raise brand awareness and sell products.

Here’s a quick look on selecting the most suitable graphic to standout in an exhibition!

Fabric graphic – an easy way to design your exhibition stall
A lightweight and an exclusive choice for your exhibition stall is the use of fabric graphic. A fabric can be effectively moulded into endless sizes and contours to get the desired design. Also, the varied range of textures and opacities allow multiplicity of colour, dimension and movement. You can inculcate creative ideas to build a unique graphic. With the use of diverse printing technology like digital printing, dye sublimation, direct and inkjet printing, fabric graphic comes with endless possibilities to play with. Along with the design potential, fabric graphic clutches vivid seamless images that do not hamper the graphic quality but bring out the best result.

Vinyl graphic – A varied and impressive pick
One of the most widely used graphics in an exhibition is vinyl. Available in a wide range, vinyl graphics can cater to all your specific needs. Be sure to research which vinyl graphic suits you the best, before picking your option. Being flexible and cost-effective, vinyl is a perfect choice for a substantial and impressive graphic.

Laminate panels – A durable option
If you are looking for a durable graphic with equal amount of quality and design then go for laminate panels. These are printed on photo paper and then laminated to get the final graphic output. Generally, the laminated panels are directly attached to the exhibition 3d stall design structure, thereby offering a texture to the entire exhibition stall.

Backlit graphic – An illuminated version for a unique identification
Using backlit graphics is another method for highlighting your brand in an exhibition. The backlit graphic uses a light box to make graphics standout. In this case, graphics are printed on a translucent material and then fixed to the light box. The ways in which the entire light of the backlit graphic is diffused, help in getting the right amount of exposure for your brand. You can use the backlit graphic both inside and out, ensuring enough branding for your exhibition stall. Effective use of the backlit graphic assists in bringing your exhibition stall fabrication to the forefront.

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