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Business to business exhibitions and why they are important

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Exhibitions have changed the face of the marketing industry. Addressing the needs of consumers and businesses alike, they have inspired the industry to participate in BTL marketing activities actively and reap most benefits out of it.

Even though exhibitions have been around for a long time now, many brands and companies consider them an ideal platform only for business to consumers (B2C) transactions and communications. Obviously, it a great platform to showcase your brand and products to consumers, interact with your audience and even gauge their reaction first hand but exhibitions are beneficial for business to business communications as well.

Many brands catering to other business have ventured into exhibitions, in the last few years and expanded their businesses tremendously. In fact, many marketing specialists consider exhibitions an ideal platform for business to business transactions and here’ why

Ideal platform to showcase new products – If you are dealing with B2B services and products then TV, Radio and even Social Media platform won’t be as beneficial for your brand as exhibitions. Since exhibitions are held for specific categories you can be assured that the visitors are interested in your product. Hence, this makes exhibitions and your exhibition display an ideal place to showcase your new products in the market.

Advantageous occasions to launch a brand or product – Similarly exhibitions are an excellent platform to launch a brand in the market. You will not only have the attention of your target group but also get the desired media coverage. With a striking exhibition stall design you can be assured to get maximum attention from the crowd.

Great place for networking – At exhibitions you are surrounded by likeminded people that either dealing in the same product category as yours or are interested in them.

Scope to make new alliances – Networking can be highly profitable for your business, it will not only boost your sales, indirectly but also help you make profitable business alliances.

Provides opportunities to give live demonstrations – At the comfort of your exhibition display, you can give live demonstrations of your products. Demonstrations are a great way to get the crowd acquainted with your product. When visitors can experience the product themselves they are more likely to buy it.

Perfect platform to address your target group – Not only can you give demonstrations but also hold Q and A sessions in your booth to address and interact with your audience. Just make certain that your booth design is designed to accommodate large groups of people.

Increases brand visibility – When you participate in exhibitions and shows, it creases brand visibility. Your target group begins to recognize and trust your brand and hence indirectly it also increases brand credibility.

Above listed are just a few advantages of participating in exhibition especially for B2B brands and companies. There are various exhibitions held across the country that are category specific. It is recommended you do thorough research before short listing an exhibition and select one that provides you with the great opportunity of meeting your potential audience while showcasing alongside reputed brands and competitors.

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6 Tips to steal the show at exhibitions

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When you are exhibiting alongside your competitors and other market leaders you cannot afford to be average. You need to step up your game in order to beat the competition and attract maximum attention.

Here, we bring you 6 tips to steal the show at any exhibition

1. Invest in an outstanding exhibition booth – Most booths look somewhat similar in appearance at any given show. Barring graphics and some accessories, many exhibitors fail to put extra effort on their booths to make it look different than their competitor’s. If you seek to create a massive impact on the visitors, start by investing in a striking 3D exhibition stall design.

It is an easy way to get noticed. Go for the exhibition stand builder that is highly recommended in the market and ask them for booth ideas and unique designs. A good brainstorming session can bring out some offbeat ideas for unique stall designs.

2. Plush and comfortable ambience – The look and appearance of your exhibition booth plays a major role in attracting the audience. Most brands successfully create an ambience that is plush and luxurious but they solely concentrate on their product display. Making the audience comfortable goes a long way. It makes the brand look responsible and also shows that the brand appreciates and values its clients and customers. An ambience that is warm and welcoming brings more crowd than anticipated.

3. Aggressive promotions – When it comes to marketing and promotions, there is no such thing as ‘too much’. In fact many brands indulge in aggressive promotions just so they are talked about on social media platforms. Promoting your event off site and on site can bring a lot of attention to your brand.

On site marketing needs to be engaging to build interest and make audience visit you at your exhibition stand. Don’t be afraid to promote your event as well, in fact promoting and advertising about your participation in the exhibition will ensure good footfall.

4. Shock value – One good way to ensure that you are the talk of the show is by adding elements to your exhibition stands or your marketing plan that have certain shock value. Sensational posters and banners or a unique stall design structure can instantly make eyes turn and generate curiosity. Seek advice from your exhibition stall fabricator and incorporate ideas that suit your criteria.

Curiosity will bring more people to your booth to understand and find out what’s the fuss about. This can be tremendously helpful, once people enter your exhibition booth; then it is up to your sales staff to retain them and turn them into valuable customers.

5. Out-of-the-box marketing campaign – When it comes to marketing and promotions content is king! Off late brands and exhibitors are coming up with unique and exclusive marketing concepts to beat the ever growing competition. The more unique and exclusive your marketing campaign the more eyeballs it will attract. Come up with themes and concepts that are relevant to your brand and emphasize the key message of your marketing plan.

Once you have your theme, your marketing campaign can revolve around the underlying theme. This coherence doesn’t go unnoticed and helps to pull more audience towards your exhibition stall.

6. It’s all about fun and games – At the end of the day, it’s all about making your audience happy and what pleases the crowd most is games and fun activities. Many exhibitors are beginning to understand this and conduct interactive activities in their booths. Conducting such activities in your booth will surely pull the crowd but to steal the show you need to step-up your game and think creatively. Think of games and activities that embody your brand image and help audience to associate the activity with your brand and product.

With the help of these tips you can be the star attraction of any show and make the most of any exhibition.

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