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Why custom-modular exhibition stands are the most preferred booths?

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We all have heard about what modular exhibition stands can do for brands. Although modular exhibition stands are a revolutionary counterpart of exhibition stands that adds tremendous value to the business, the brands from the big league more often than not prefer a little bit of customization.

Many a times, brands have specific design requirements to make certain that their brand guidelines and brand image are reflected through their exhibition stands. To some extent modular exhibition stands can accommodate these design requirements but for complete customization or some exuberant requirements, brands opt for custom exhibition stands.

Exhibition stand contractors and designers from various parts of the world combine the two – custom exhibition stands and modular exhibition booths and come up with a radical solution which is custom-modular exhibition booths.  Custom modular exhibition stands brings together the best of both the worlds so that brands can make the most of their investment.

Here’s why custom-modular exhibition booths are the most preferred booths of brands and companies worldwide.

Custom-Modular exhibition stands are reusable : Unlike custom exhibition stands, modular exhibition stands can be reused; not once or twice but several times throughout the year. Custom- modular exhibition stands are basically modular exhibition stands with certain personalized elements and features. The core structure is made with sustainable materials such as aluminum frames and can be used multiple times.

Even the custom aspects of custom-modular exhibition stands are made with prelam board which is basically wood. These elements are especially designed and manufactured to be reused various times. If persevered and maintained well custom modular exhibition stands can be used for up to 10-15 shows.

Allows customization without altering the core structure of the exhibition booth : The whole point of switching to custom modular exhibition stands is moot if it doesn’t allow customization to the T. Modular exhibition stands too permit customization but its restricted to some extent. With custom-modular exhibition stands you can personalize the exhibition booth according to your fancy.

Apart from altering the core structure of the custom modular exhibition you can add various personalized elements to your exhibition booth to ascertain that it is synonymous with your brand ideology and image. You can also highlight your key marketing message with personalized design and accessories.

They are environment friendly: Off late brands and companies try very hard to project themselves as socially responsible companies. Going green is not only good for the environment but also for the business because it helps your brand image tremendously. Custom- modular exhibition stands helps brands and companies to ‘go green’ in a huge way. As modular exhibition booths are made with sustainable materials and are pre-built, assembling and dismantling them is a clean and eco-friendly process.

Also the prelam wooden board used in custom-modular exhibition stands is reusable. This is why custom-modular stands along with modular exhibition stands are the flag bearers of the green revolution in the exhibition industry.

If you are looking for a customized exhibition booth with the benefits of modular exhibition booths then modular exhibition stand is the answer!

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7 Best Technology Drivers of Visitor Engagement at Trade Shows

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While tradeshows are a great place to generate leads and enhance exposure, getting a high ROI can prove to be a challenging task. That’s because, at a tradeshow, numerous displays surround the customers and if you do not have what it takes to capture the audience’s attention, you will find yourself at the losing end.

To bring in the WOW factor to your exhibit rental, you need to find a way to keep the visitors engaged by delivering an experience rather than a product or service. Luckily, technology has made it easy for businesses to boost customer engagement. In this article, we will discuss how you can use technology at your booth design to increase traffic.

1. Communicate Using Touch

Rather than having a sales representative deliver important information, let interactive touch screens take over. When you give customers a chance to control the process of information delivery, they are more likely to feel comfortable. The engagement level of the customer automatically rises with the use of interactive technology, and you can also use it to encourage the customers to share their information and opinions.

However, this does not eliminate the need for a sales representative as you should give the customers an option to find out more by asking one of the reps available. You can use touchscreens on walls, panels, or tables.

2. Charging Spot

Another easy way of incorporating technology when generating more traffic is to provide charging spots at your tradeshow display. You will be surprised to see how many people are in need of a charging device at a tradeshow. So, what’s in it for you? Well, you can implement the idea in such a way that makes it difficult for the visitors to remain unaware of your marketing messages.

While they are charging their phones, you can display your marketing messages on a touch screen nearby or a TV screen. Chances are if you are providing a solution for their problem (charging their device), they are more likely to consider your brand as a problem solver.

3 The Use of Virtual Reality

To amplify customer engagement, you need to create an experience that will remain etched in their minds for a long time. You can do that with the help of Virtual Reality since VR has the power to bring products to life. Apart from being highly engaging and an attractive feature of your tradeshow display, VR can be used as a means to educate the customers about your brand. Product Demos and Testimonials communicated through Virtual Reality make a greater impact than when it is passed on through other means.

4. Beacons

Beacon technology has been considered to be effective at tradeshows since it has the power to attract unaware, potential customers as well. Beacon devices work by connecting to the smartphones of visitors present in the area around your custom exhibit display. With the help of beacons, your sales representatives can send them a notification which if they opt-in can be used to share informative content. A beacon can, therefore, be a way to remind or make the audience aware of your products or services in a non-invasive way.

5. Interactive Gaming

Gaming has always been a popular and effective method of attracting customers to custom exhibit displays. However, with the help of technology, you can create a unique and mesmerizing gaming experience for your visitors. You can do that by putting together digital gaming with motion recognition technology or touchscreen technology. However, whether you choose to go for a contest or a full-on gaming experience, make sure that the experience has relevance with to your brand’s identity. Otherwise, you will find it challenging to convert the visitors into customers.

6. Digital Content Display

The days of passing brochures are over; with the help of digital technology, you can communicate your marketing efforts in a visually appealing manner. You can have digital monitors installed and use them to make your tradeshow display stand out and attract the attention of the intended audience.

7. Social Media

Using different social media platforms, you can create significant hype for your tradeshow presence. By arranging contests or coming up with special hashtags for your tradeshow display, you can make the audience feel like they are a part of something bigger when they interact with your brand.

Bottom Line

By incorporating these latest trends in technology, you will be able to attract a great number of customers to your tradeshow display. Generating traffic will no longer be a problem with the use of technology; however, it is important that you use technology in such a way that it makes it easy to convert the visitors into customers. So, make sure you try some or all of these tactics to make your next tradeshow exhibit an absolute hit.

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