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Top 5 exhibitions in India that you cannot miss

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Below the line marketing activities such as exhibitions is a gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. If you are wondering why the marketing arena is abuzz with exhibition talk it is because exhibitions are much, much more than a platform to sell your products.  They aid in increasing brand exposure, brand credibility and provide a lucrative stage for networking with like-minded businessmen.

Top 5 exhibitions in India

The number of exhibitions held per year is rapidly increasing.  India is among the many countries that host exhibitions of various sectors. To encourage trade relations and welcome exhibitors from all over the globe, India hosts an extensive range of exhibitions all year round.  From textile to eCommerce there is an exhibition for every industry in India. In this article we bring you top 5 exhibitions in India that you simply cannot miss.

1. Cosmo Tech Expo

Date : 22nd– 23rd July 2019,

Venue : New Delhi

Cosmo Tech Expo is by far the largest gathering of the cosmeceutical and perfumery industry. Cosmo Tech Expo concentrates on showcasing the latest innovation in the beauty and perfumery industry. More than 200 exhibitors participate in Cosmo Tech Expo to showcase products ranging from cosmetic, personal care, cosmeceutical, perfumery & soap, detergent, toiletries market. Cosmo Tech India attracts more than 8000 visitors. Major brands and manufacturers visit Cosmo Tech Expo to explore the latest alterations in the beauty and personal care industry.

2. OTM

Date : 23rd– 25th Jan 2019

Venue : Mumbai

The most awaited travel expo of the Asia Pacific region – OTM attracts a large number of visitors every year. From travel trade buyers and professionals everyone is in attendance at OTM.  Approximately 1000 exhibitors participate in OTM to showcase to an audience of more than 15000 visitors.  OTM engages traders from more than 50 countries. OTM provides an opportunity to professionals to meet in person and create an strong bond with their audience. It aims to facilitate an environment to create strong and long-term relations between industry professionals and buyers.

3. National Garment Fair

Date : 30th -31st Jan 2019

Venue : Mumbai

Organized by the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India, National Garment Fair is a popular expo for the textile and garment industry.  National Garment Fair gives a chance to the industry professionals to explore latest developments and technology in the field of textile. National and international exhibitors participate in National Garment Fair in huge numbers. It provides an opportunity to manufacturers, retailers and buyers to come together and exchange ideas and to network as well.

4. Delhi Jewellery and Gem Fair

Date : 28th – 30th September 2019

Venue : New Delhi

North India’s most anticipated show Delhi Jewellery and Gem Fair provides a platform for B2B Jewellery businesses to showcase their products on a grand platform.  From precious gemstones, pearls, diamonds, gold and silver you will find every kind and variety of the finest jewellery at Delhi Jewellery and Gem Fair. Not only just the final products but Delhi Jewellery and Gem Fair also showcases the latest innovations in production, such as equipment along with software. Delhi Jewellery and Gem Fair attracts a huge amount of national as well as international visitors.

5. Secutech India

Date : 25th – 27th April

Venue : Mumbai

Secutech India is one of the most important conferences concentrating on security, fire and safety industry. It covers all areas such as electronic security products and services, fire safety accessories and solutions, key components, management software, surveillance systems and services, access control services, alarm services, personal safety products and accessories and intelligent building services and solutions. Secutech focuses in bringing the latest developments in the security sector to the masses. Secutech is an ideal opportunity for the fire, safety and security industry to network and exchange ideas with industry professionals and experts.

These Expos are some of the most popular shows that attract a huge number of exhibitors to India every year. Showcasing in these events requires you to step up for presentation in order to win over the crowds. With the help of a suitable and creative exhibition stand design you can give your brand the exposure it deserves.

Insta Group can assist you with distinctive exhibition stands with holistic solutions. Our expert designing team will provide you with iconic exhibition booths crafted especially to boost your brand presence and help you to effectively communicate your marketing message to your visitors with appropriate exhibition stand designs.

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5 reasons why pop up display stands are the best investment

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Businessmen and exhibitors from all across the world are familiar with the term pop up stands. Be it for brand activation or other promotional activities, pop up displays have become an inseparable part of the promotional activities of various brands; whether big or small.

Pop Up Display stands

So what exactly are pop up Display stands and why are they popular?

Basically, pop up stands are display walls that companies can use as a platform to engage their audience. They provide a means and point-of-contact to brands to communicate with their consumers on an interpersonal level. Pop up display stands can be customized. You can print your choice of graphics and signage for pop up display.

They are in high demand in the market for various reasons, let us explore a few of them in this article.

1 . They are multipurpose – The marketing gurus have come up with various activities to entice the audience. For promotional activities such as malls activations, society activation, in-store activation brands cannot opt for exhibition stands. They need something that is functional, economical yet striking.

Something that does the job effectively and makes the brand seems unforgettable. For events such as these pop up display stands are the best option. Irrespective of your promotional activity and venue you can use pop up to connect with the audience. They will give your brand the ideal representation while giving you a stage to showcase your wares.

2. They are modular – Many exhibition display stand builders offer modular stands. A modular stand has pre-engineered design and is made using aluminum. Modular stands are sustainable and eco-friendly. Not only they project the brand responsibly but they make the job of the exhibitor much easier as well. Modular systems are extremely easy to assemble and dismantle. It is basically a one-man job. Since they are modular, pop up stands are light weight and easy to transport as well. They come in compact packaging. The packaging can be used to store the product as well.

3. They are reusable – Pop up stands are modular in nature hence they can be reused several times. A good quality pop up stand can easily be used up to 20 times. After 15-20 usages, it may require minimal maintenance. The shelf life of pop stands is extremely good. If used well they can last you a long time. Hence it is very important that your buy your stands from a trusted exhibition display stand

4. They can be personalized – Branding is extremely important. Visual content has high recall value and you can leverage it by customizing your  stand with your choice of graphics. Graphics can completely change the look of the pop up stand. With engaging graphics you can imprint your marketing message on the minds of the visitors and with proper branding you can increase the brand recall value in the market.

5. They can up your promotions game – Many promotional activities are incomplete without the right gear. With the help of a good pop up display stand you can significantly improve your brand promotions. An expertly designed stand will bring attention to your brand. It will give your brand an ideal platform to conduct one-on-one communication with your target group and help your brand to achieve an iconic status.

As a company professional, it is crucial that you have an eye for investments that give long term profit. A good pop up stand is a valuable asset that will help you to promote your brand whenever and wherever you want.

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