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5 ways to generate leads from exhibitions

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Exhibition have various perks to offer but one of the prime reasons why exhibitions is among the most preferred below the line marketing platforms is because it helps businessmen to generate leads. Lead generation is basically the procedure of procuring contact and other vital details from visitors in order to turn them into business clients, partners and customers.

Exhibitors from all over the world, actively participate in exhibitions in the lieu of generating ample leads. Now, building a strong client base is not as easy as it seems and certainly just putting up an exhibition booth doesn’t guarantee footfall lest lead generation.

Incorporate call-to-action elements – Your exhibition stand design and exhibition marketing tactics can help your brand in more ways than one, provided that you pay close attention to each and every thing at the show. You can incorporate call-to-action elements in your exhibition stall design such as an interactive screen asking visitors to fill in a short survey along with their contact details. You can install vending machines too, but instead of cash ask visitor’s to drop by their visiting cards. There are various elements like these that you can integrate with your marketing strategy or booth design, that will help you to generate ample leads at the show you are participating in.

Organize workshops and seminars – You’d be surprised how many industry professionals are interested in attending conferences, seminars and workshops. This is why many exhibition organizers too arrange for seminars on the fairground. Conducting seminars and inviting well known industry professionals as guests helps to build brand credibility. Not only this, it also helps in lead generation. Educating the visitors about your products, will pique the attention of the audience, you can leverage this opportunity and ask for their details to the visitors visiting your exhibition booth.

Train your sales team to be proactive – A proactive and intuitive sales team at the exhibition booth is an asset. It will help you to generate leads and also turn potential clients to customers. Train your sales staff extensively before the big day and ask them to be proactive. Anticipate the response of the visitors present at the exhibition stall and help in the generation of leads. You must also especially train your sales team to differentiate between and interested customer from a customer that is solely window shopping. Investing quality time with potential clients will help to stimulate the attention of the visitors and get them interested in your product and service.

Blend sweepstakes with lead generation strategy – If you haven’t already observed at your previous shows, sweepstakes are real crowd pleasers. More than a few brands conduct sweepstakes at their exhibition booths and engage a good number of visitors but only a few are smart enough to convert sweepstakes into a lead generation tool. Come up interesting ideas for sweepstakes and blend it with your lead generation strategy, it will help to attract more visitors because of the ‘fun factor’ and also help to foster leads to expand your business.

Filter and frame your questioning technique – An easy way to generate quality leads is by asking visitors to fill out surveys and questionnaires. Now, you cannot deny the fact that surveys have been done to death as a marketing tactic, to the point that many visitors refrain from it. The rest of the visitors that do fill out the surveys get disinterested midway and skip a few options. This is why, it is extremely essential to filer and frame your questions correctly. Don’t beat around the bush and ask relevant questions. With the right questions, you can get ample data from your visitors.

These are some of the sure-shot ways to generate quality leads at exhibitions. Depending on your brand and product you can adapt ways that suit your brand personality the best.

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Custom exhibition Stands and how they can elevate your marketing game

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Have you participated in exhibitions before? If yes, then you already know how competitive exhibitions can get and how difficult it is to beat your fellow exhibitors and leave a lasting impression on the crowds.

One the most trusted way of seasoned exhibitors to garner visitor’s attention is by investing in creative stall designs and booths. When combined with smart and engaging marketing techniques and user-engagement activities you are sure to get the desired exposure from the visitors. A good booth design is arguably the most sure shot way of standing out in the crowd of exhibitors at the exhibition fairground.

To accommodate the various needs of the exhibitors, the exhibition stand industry is expanding too. The exhibition stand industry offers a wide range of exhibition booths such as modular exhibition stands, custom exhibition stands and custom-modular exhibition stands. Modular booths are a practical option and offer high return on investment especially to seasoned exhibitors but modular exhibition stands have plenty of design restrictions as well.

A modular exhibition booth is a pre-engineered structure, you can certainly adjust the height of the booth and control the placement of various elements but you cannot customize a modular booth fully. This is a major reason various global companies opt for custom booth whenever they participate in exhibitions and events.

As the name suggests, a custom exhibition booth can be tailor-made to suit the client’s needs. Whatever your vision, it can be transmuted into a spellbinding booth design when you opt for custom exhibition stands. You may ask, why should I opt for custom exhibition stands when I can personalize a modular exhibition booth?  Sure, customization to a certain degree is possible with modular booths but if you want an exclusive booth design then custom is the way to go. The real question you should be asking is what is my marketing strategy? Budget and lastly what is my exhibiting goal? If your marketing plan revolves around a concept or campaign then you need a booth that truly embodies your marketing message.

A good booth design will help you to blur out the line between an exhibition stand and an experiential space. A custom booth will help you to create a dynamic setup wherein you can subtly reinforce your marketing message on the visitors. A custom exhibition stand is all about creating an experience for the visitors. Depending on your marketing campaign theme you can create designs that help you to communicate with your visitors subconsciously.

With a custom exhibition stand you not only give your brand a deserving platform but create an ambience that is conducive to your marketing plan. Skilled exhibition stand designers can add various nuances to your custom booth that will make your marketing message pop out and create a powerful impression on your visitors at the show. With a custom booth you need not make any adjustments, you can bring to life your vision as is! A custom booth can make any exhibition space be it island or two corner booth space, stand out in the crowd.

To make your brand the star of the show and create a bold impression on your audience a custom exhibition stand is your best bet.

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