Why Creeya™ Modular Exhibition Stand ?

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  • Professional look complete with roofs & rooms
  • Reconfigurable
  • Versatile application
  • Eco friendly
Why Creeya Modular Exhibition Systems?
Creeya™ is a revolutionary modular exhibition stand from Insta. It gives exhibition stalls a professional set up with its ability to have walls, roofs and rooms. CREEYA™ pre engineered parts are reconfigurable. Its aluminum profiles with innovative locking and extension mechanism make it ideal for exhibition stalls from 6m2 to more than 50m2. Structure is made of Light weight material and installation has limited use of tools. Stand design elements like wings, overlay panels, banners and headers can be added for branding. Use of Eco friendly fabric media also makes CREEYA™ a favorable exhibition stand solution among environment conscious exhibitors.
Reconfigurable Modular Exhibition Systems
6x6m exhibition systems
6X6 m
6x3m modular systems
6X3 m
3x3m Modular Exhibition systems
3X3 m
Accessorize your Modular Exhibition Systems
Airlite™ Mobile is suited for events, in-store displays, backdrops, promotions and brand activations.
Counter for Modular Exhibition Systems
Reception Counter for Modular Exhibition systems
Reception Counter
LED Arm Light for Modular Exhibition System
LED Arm Light
Screen Mounting Attachments of Modular Exhibition System
Screen Mounting Attachments
Door for Exhibition System
Mid Height Roof Post for Modular Exhibition System
Mid Height Roof Post
Headers for Modular System
Triangular Wings for Modular Exhibition System
Triangular Wings
Track Light for Modular Exhibition Systems

Track Light

Product category: Creeya

Application: For Illuminating a Creeya Roof Bridge.

Product description:
High power Track lights using COB Technology (advanced LED) to illuminate area under a Creeya roof bridge. Available in daylight color light and can be used with up to 3 light fixtures per track.


Reusable Modular Exhibition SystemInsta Worldwide Group values socially responsible business methods. From production to transport, in every respect we take reusability and reduction of CO2 emissions into account. This way, we not only contribute to your success, but also to the environment!

Eco Friendly

Eco-Friendly Modular Exhibition SystemReusability and long lifespan of our modular exhibition stands ensure reduction in the use of scarce raw materials and emissions of hazardous gases. Lower weight and smaller volume of our modular stands contribute to reduction of CO2 emissions as well. Transportation of stands is possible in smaller cars, in most cases a normal self driven private car will suffice, and you can assemble the stand yourself.

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