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Better Client Engagements through Effective Tech Day Solutions

Tech day is an organized platform for showcasing new developments and technological advancements of a company. It is a stage that offers learning and knowledge-based presentations for its target audience, thereby engaging maximum attendees. The presentations, product demonstrations and seminars in a tech day are all industry-specific that aim to impart information and spread awareness related to company’s product and service offerings. Being the best tech day organizer and agency in India, Insta has a wide range of tech day solutions that ease up your event organization.

Why Choose Insta Solutions For Your Tech Day?

Concept Design

exhibition stall fabricators
We at Insta effectively analyze and strategize to bring unique concept designs for your Tech day. Our solutions are carefully crafted to adhere to the specific guidelines, which help your event stand apart. With a distinct concept design, we deliver world-class tech day solutions ensuring a long-lasting brand impression.

Consistent and High Quality

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Our solutions are made with high precision and cater to the definite brand needs. Our experienced and proficient designers meticulously create solutions that are of high quality and flaunt consistency.

Quick Installation and Dismantling

exhibition stall fabrication
The portable Techday solutions are quick and effective offering an easy assembly. With the tool-less Techday solutions, you can simply install and dismantle the entire kit without any hassle. The Insta Techday solutions do not require any drilling, carpentry or paint work that might untidy your event area, but these solutions ensure to offer you a stress-free and eased up Techday event.


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Our Techday solutions are reusable and can be used a multiple number of times for your tech day suppliers meet. Being portable and lightweight, these solutions can also be easily transported in flat-pack cases without any stress.

Product Demo Area and Product Displays

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Being the best Tech day organizer and agency in India, we make specified product demo areas wherein the industry-specific seminars, conferences and presentations can be held. The specially-crafted Techday solutions are meticulously built for product demos and product displays, thereby ensuring an all-inclusive solution for your event.


Featured Work

Some Successful Projects

  • Delphi

    Challenge Accepted

    • Showcase a balanced result involving consistent branding and product

    • Reusable and portable solution for multiple shows

    • Tight project execution timeline

    • Complete project management


    • Creeya™ modular reusable solution

    • Product displays with branding

    • 42 inches LED TV rentals

    • High-quality execution and consistent branding
  • Magna

    Challenge Accepted

    • Ensuring a perfect and consistent quality branding across venues

    • Showcasing a balanced result between product display and branding

    • Quick and hassle-free setup

    • Full structure reusability for multiple shows

    • Tight project execution timeline


    • Creeya™ Modular Solution + Luminy Backlit Solution

    • Entire project management

    • High-quality execution and consistent branding

    • Pre-show awareness
  • Siemens

    Challenge Accepted

    • To build the entire marketing infrastructure within the working space
      in a short span of time

    • Having no previous similar event conducted at such scale, Siemens
      expected a new benchmark with the overall output

    • Special interest should be given to the different divisions of Siemens


    • Insta created an entire theme with logo, punch line, brochure and
      graphics correlating to the brand

    • A panel discussion space was created with live AV stream

    • Graphics projected the theme, ‘Exchange, Share, Learn’ in an
      appropriate manner with the information on the divisions of Siemens

    • High-quality design elements were delivered

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